What documents are required to buy and sell a property?

Whenever we choose a real estate of our dreams, we are worried about the documentation needed to close the deal and receive the keys, right? But we need to be very careful so we can do the whole process safely. One of the points that should be considered is to have in hand all the documentation that is necessary for the purchase of the mobile.
What documents do we need to have in hand for the purchase? In this article, we have made a list to serve as a guide in this process and to facilitate, we separate the documents and categories.

Registration at the Office of Purchase
In order to issue these documents, they must be requested in advance, since the required deadlines must be respected. The Purchase Order must be the first to be requested. You must take the Purchase Agreement to be registered with a real estate registry. The rate charged varies according to the state and also according to the price of the property.

Public Deed of Purchase and Sale

The next document on the list is to draw up the Public Deed of Sale and, for this, the interested party should go to a Notary Public in his city. The buyer of the property must pay two fees, the first of which refers to the cost of the notary's office. The second is the ITBI (Tax on Transmission of Real Estate).
The cost of the ITBI can be up to 5% over the value of the property. It is important to check with your city council for the conditions that offer discounts, such as exemption for civil servants in some cities.

Property Registration

In order for the transfer of the property to be formalized definitively, the Property Registry will be done in a real estate registry. The cost of this registration may also vary, depending on the state in which the purchase and sale transaction is being conducted.

Negative Certificates

In order for the buyer, seller and the property to have no legal problem, a number of negative certificates called "certificate sets" must be issued. It is not legal obligation however, it is rare cases in are not requested. Dispatchers are responsible for issuing these certificates.
If it is the first property you are buying, you will be entitled to a 50% discount on all the obligations and fees that were quoted, in addition to the ITBI discount. To do so, the purchase or financing agreement must include the clause stating that it is the first property purchased by the buyer. Learn more about this discount.

Purchaser Documents

For those who are acquiring the property, the following documents are required:
Identity and CPF;
Birth or Marriage Certificate;
Proof of Current Residence; and
Proof of Income - last 3 checks or Bank Statement
In case the buyer is married, it will be necessary to present the documentation of his spouse and, in case of using the FGTS, must present:
Extract from FGTS;
Release Authorization;
Work register booklet; and
Letter from your Employer.
Seller Documents

The seller must present the following documents:
Identity and CPF;
Marriage or Statutory Marriage Certificate, with Regime of Goods;
Negative Certificates;
Criminal and Civil Actions of the Federal Justice Website;
Discharge with the IRS;
Labor Actions of the TST Website;
Civil Registry Offices, Interdiction and Guardianship;
Proof of SPC or Serasa

Property Documents
The basic documents should be:
Authenticated copy of the definitive deed registered in a real estate registry in the name of the seller;
Negative certificate of actual liens;
Registration of repossession shares and disposals;
Negative tax certificate or copy of property tax bill of the last five years;
Authenticated copy of IPTU;
Registration with the real estate registry;
Plant of the property registered in the city hall or sketch signed by the engineer or architect;
Negative certificate of debts with condominium, in case of being apartment; and
Dwell from the city hall.
Property documents in inventory

In cases where the property belongs to heirs, the following shall be presented:
Copy of authenticated Certificate of Death;
Copy of the Formal of Authenticated Sharing;
If one of the heirs is smaller, you must have the authorization of the Public Prosecutor's Office
Documents for Property on the Floor

Necessary documents:
Detailed project document;
Term of beginning and delivery of the property;
Delays in delivery penalties
Land Documents

To purchase a land, it is necessary to have a document that presents information in detail of the area that one wishes to acquire. It is important to know if the land is legalized and fit for a building. There are lands that can be areas of environmental preservation or that may be reserved for certain institutions such as the Navy or the Army.
In cases of land belonging to the Union, municipality or even private institutions, such as Churches, it is necessary to issue an annuity certificate proving that the land is free of obligations.
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