Terms of Use

It is important that you become aware of the use policies of our Site in order to be well understood all the provisions of these Terms of general conditions that enable hiring and limitations of rights, highlighted here:

1.    The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is not a supplier of any of the products or services posted on the site. The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business only available on your web platform a space for users and advertisers / potential buyers and sellers meet and / or advertise, offering their products and services to potential buyers, where they can make a direct negotiation and exclusively with each other ;

2.    Advertisers Users / potential sellers may only advertise products or services that may actually offer and take your stock by entering directly the descriptions of the ads and their characteristics, title, description and image of the product, price, category, quantity, conditions sales, order and delivery, as well as the form of payment;

3.    For the use of the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business the User services must expressly accept this Terms and Conditions policy, which is contained in a clear, complete information about the collection, use, storage, treatment and protection of personal data of users and visitors ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business. The User to register must use a User Name and unique registration password, which is personal and not transferable. The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business will not be liable for improper use and disclosure of such information to third parties. The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, nor any of its employees or agents, will in any way soliciting, through physical or electronic, to be informed your user data and password;

4.    The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, for violations of laws in force or the terms of use of ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, as appropriate, shall, without prejudice to other provisions, to reject any registration request, suspend, temporarily or permanently, User accounts and your ads;

5.    It will not be allowed to publish product announcements prohibited by law or these terms of use of the site, and do not have the necessary specific authorization of the competent regulatory authorities, or that might violate the rights of others;

6.    The User / potential buyer when deciding on a purchase or hiring a service, before deciding to purchase, you should have the information about the advertiser User at the price, forms of payment, product availability, the form and delivery time of products and / or services.

7.    The buyer user may exercise the right to regret the purchase of a product or service from a particular User. This will be a liability between the parties seller / buyer, not having ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, no responsibility for this negotiation, the buyer simply contact your dealer and request a refund of the amount paid and enforce the repayment of the asset acquired. This process is the responsibility of the parties Seller / Buyer.

8.    It is forbidden for users to put on sale products / services are prohibited or violate current legislation and are considered as products / services prohibited by the site.

9.    The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business encourages the amicable settlement of disputes to fima to avoid the triggering of justice issues that can be resolved amicably reason, users accept and undertake the dispute issues arising from purchases and sales made through the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business site. Users, in order to seek the solution of possible disputes, consumer through the serviceconsumidor.gov.br, Maintained by the National Consumer Bureau (SENACON) of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, which is available for free to consumers across the country.

General terms and conditions of site use

These terms apply to use of the services offered by ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, duly enrolled with the CNPJ / MF under No. 14.595.009/0001-05 company, located in R Felipe, 54 - Fundos - - Santa Cruz - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - CEP: 23520-080, hereinafter nominated ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business Ltda., through sites www.axei.com.br and www.axeiclassificados.com.br.

Any person or entity, hereinafter nominated User who wishes to use the advertising platform of ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business must accept these terms and all its policies and principles that govern well.

Acceptance of these terms is essential to dare the available space of the Site and the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business services.

The User should read, make sure you have understood and accept all the conditions set out in the General terms and conditions and privacy policies, as well as in other documents which are incorporated by reference, before his registration as the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business User .

01 - Object

The object of these Terms and conditions are to provide spaces within the site so that users can post ads to sell your products and / or services and ensure direct contact between users vendors and Users interested in obtaining the advertised goods and services, using contact information ads from one party to another. The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, enables users who may come in contact and negotiate directly with each other without any interferêncoa the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business negotiate or in the achievement of business. In this way, it emphasizes that the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is not a supplier of any products or services advertised by Users on the Site.

02 - Capacity for Registration

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business platform is only available to individuals or legal entities that have legal capacity to hire them.

It is forbidden to user registration that do not have legal capacity (with respect to individuals) or are not legal representatives (with respect to legal entities), as well as users who have been suspended from ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, temporarily or permanently, without prejudice to the application of legal sanctions in the Brazilian Civil Code, notably art. 166, I; 171, and I 180.

03 - Registration

The User that when you register, you must fill in all mandatory registration fields with correct, accurate and true. The User declares and undertakes to update the data contained in your registration ( "In My Profile"), where necessary.

The User will access your account via email or User name (login) and password and undertakes not to report to third parties such data, and your responsibility to safeguard such information.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business will not be liable for the correctness of the personal data entered by its users. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, civil and criminally for the truthfulness, accuracy and authenticity of the registered personal data through the website.

The User name that will be used in ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business should not demonstrate equivalence with the name ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, trademarks or domain names or other property of intellectual property and also should not be used any User Name that can insinuate or suggest that the products / services advertised belong or have any connection with the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business. Also, user names that are deemed offensive will be deleted, as well as those containing User Personal Data or any URL or email address.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business reserves the right not to accept any registration and to suspend previously accepted entries which do not comply with the policies and rules of these Terms and conditions.

Regarding the classifieds service available on the site, the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, in its discretion, may require an additional registration to users who operate as utilities or property, as a requirement for them to have access to the packages of special publications. In these cases, once made the additional registration, car ads or real estate made by concessionaires or real estate will only be published in ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business by hiring packages offered by ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business or under other arrangements that ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business will allow for these types of users.

Regarding the classifieds service available on the site, the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, will not distinguish or discriminate between users and can be single individual advertisers or legal entities, such as car dealers or real estate, each category an Ad Package, convenient your profile.

The advertiser understands and acknowledges that it is solely responsible for the veracity and the content available on your ad, exempting ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business of any responsibility in this regard, as well as states, under the law, are any buildings or vehicles announced in full regularity.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business may, at its sole discretion, conduct searches it deems necessary for data verification incorrect or untrue, and request additional information and documents it deems to be relevant in order to provide Personal Data informed.

If ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business decide to check the accuracy of registration data of a User and is found to be among them incorrect data or untrue, the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business may suspend temporarily or permanently the account, without prejudice to other measures as may be necessary and appropriate .

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, to find possible entries of incorrect or untrue data, the User can be contacted in order to remedy any irregularities.

Having the application of any of the above sanctions, automatically the respective User announcements are canceled, giving him the right, for this reason, any compensation or reimbursement.

The User agrees to communicate ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business immediately, the case will observe unauthorized use of your account, as well as unauthorized access by third parties. User shall be solely responsible for the actions performed in your account, since access is only possible by including the login and password, which should be known and exclusive property of User.

In no event shall be allowed the delegation, sell, rent or otherwise transfer the account. Still, it will not be allowed to include more than one record for the same person, or the creation of new registrations by people whose original entries have been temporarily or permanently suspended for violations of the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business policies.

04 - Changes Terms and conditions

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business may at any time make modifications, these general terms and conditions, aiming the improvement of services. The new terms will take effect 15 (days) days after its publication on the Site. Within five (5) days of the publication of the new version, the User should contact by email, if not agree with the changes made. In view of this case, the contractual relationship will cease to exist, provided there are no outstanding bills or debts. If there is no demonstration in the stipulated period, it shall be understood that the User has accepted the new terms of use and the contract between the parties remain bound.

The changes will not take effect, concerning the negotiations and announcements already initiated before its publication, remaining in these cases, prevailing the previous wording.

05 - Advertised products

5.1 ads / offers

The User may publish the sale of goods and / or services in their respective categories and subcategories, photos, graphics, clear description and other important information about the product or services offered, and that will not violate any device provided by law, this term, and in the other the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business policies. It will be assumed that, upon the registration of the notice in ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, the User expresses intention and declares that it has the rights to sell the product or offer (s) of service (s), in addition to the product in stock for immediate delivery. The ad should have highlighted in highlight, if necessary, the description of all taxes on the transaction in strict compliance with applicable tax laws.

The User also declares that by publishing an advertisement has in stock products in sufficient quantity to fulfill its offer.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business may not approve ads whose final price is not in accordance with the terms of use and policies, is not clear enough, or to allow some kind of doubt or variation on the price to avoid any harm Roger that or misleading as to the final price of the product.

The user must enter the amount of products you want to sell and the price per unit. If you have multiple units of the same product that does not want or can not sell separately, ie a set, the seller user must enter the price of the set, being aware that the selling price will be charged for the amount of the advertised together even the user decides to sell, after the publication of the notice, one or more units, in isolation.

products advertised in the category Vehicles and Other must present the full price, including any debts and burdens that exist and which the buyer must pay to purchase the product.

5.2 images and photos Inclusion

The user can send images and photographs of the product for sale, if they are exactly equal to the advertised product, with the exception services and intangibles. You represent that ensures authorization for adding images, photos and / or videos contained in their ads, and must take full responsibility for any third-party rights violations.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business can not approve those ads that contain images, photographs or videos that are inconsistent with the terms of use and other usage policies.

You agree and acknowledge that ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business may, at any time, make divulgção and / or adaptation of images included in their ads for product disclosure purposes / services on the site, in social networks and / or any other preferred mode of communication by ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, without any cost to the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business.

5.3 Prohibited Products

May only be announced / offered those products and / or services whose sale is not expressly prohibited by these terms, and other policies ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, or by applicable law.

policies concerning the products whose advertising is forbidden in ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, are attached to this document.

5.4 Responsibilities to use an ad Integrator

The user should it use a system or professional third parties in order to make integration of your ads on the Site, you will be responsible for all ads performed on the Site on your behalf by a Integrator Ads, subject to all the Terms and general conditions of use and other policies of the Sites.

You acknowledge that the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business does not have any interference or responsibility in tanje the relationship between the User and the Integrator ads.

The user will be fully responsible for any charges and trades made by the Integrator ads and can not assume any obligation or grant any rights that may be conflicting with the provisions of these terms of use and other policies sites.

The user is solely responsible for the technology used to integrate content on the Sites, being responsible for all and any failures that may occur during integration.

06 - Privacy Information

All information or User Data of the personnel are stored on servers or magnetic high security means. Except with respect to information that is published on the Site, the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business adopt all possible measures to maintain the confidentiality and security of sensitive information, but will not be responsible for any losses which arise from the disclosure of such information by third parties who use public networks or the internet, subverting the security systems to access the user's information.

The User expressly authorizes that their personal information and data to be shared by ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business with business partners, Protection Program members to intellectual property, authorities and natural or legal persons who declare they have been harmed by users.

07 - Obligations of Users

7.1 User's obligations buyer

Users who are interested in buying products or services contract disclosed by vendors in ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business should be shown their interest for the duration defined in the notice. The ads have the duration depending on the type of ad and category chosen by the seller User, which expire at the respective period of time.

The User buyer will use forms of website communication in order to contact the User seller and conduct the negotiation and subsequent transaction, unless trading is prohibited by law or these terms of use or in the User event vendor or buyer desist from the transaction agreement.

To express interest in a product and / or service, the buyer User will be required to meet the sales conditions described in the ad.

taxes:The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business will not be liable for any tax liabilities that could fall on the activities of site users, and establishes the relevant legislation, the User buyer should require invoice seller's User in their negotiations, unless the User seller are performing an eventual sale (single rated) and that does not fit the legal concept of merchant / entrepreneur for the products put into trading.

7.2. User's obligations seller

The User seller should have legal capacity to sell the product or provide the service advertised. The User seller will contact the buyer User to conduct business when receiving expressions of interest for the product / service advertised, and only in the following cases exceptionally, the User seller can not carry out the sale: If there is no agreement with the buyer User on the payment or delivery; if it was not possible to verify the true identity or buyer User information; or if there was evident typo when registering price or amount of the advertised product.

The User seller must, in compliance with Brazilian legislation and demonstrates clear and overt information regarding any restrictions on the purchase of the product or service, always point in your ads the essential characteristics of the product or service, including health risks and safety of consumers. It should also be pointed out by the seller User ad in any additional expenses that must be paid by the User buyer to purchase the product or service, such as delivery costs or insurance. It also should be pointed out by all users vendors fall under the legal definition supplier, appropriate means for buyers to exercise their repentance Users rights in relation to the products offered on their ads.

Because the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business not included as part of the transactions of purchase and sale of goods and products that are applied between the Users, commitment and responsibility for all costs or obligations, whether tax, labor, consumerist or any other nature, it will be exclusively to the User seller, not fitting the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, any legal responsibility for such transactions, whatever they may be.

The User seller must bear in mind that, in that it acts as a supplier of products and / or form of services continues or possible, your offer links it, in accordance with Article 30 of the Consumer Protection Code and Article 429 of the Civil code, compliance with which can be claimed in legal proceedings solely to the buyer User.

For security reasons, the User's account may be suspended at the discretion of ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, if any evidence of any illegality, fraud or any act contrary to the provisions of these terms of use.

Taxes: the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business will not be liable for obligations of tax levied on business concluded between buyer and User User seller. Thus, the User seller who acts continuously, under the law in force, will be responsible for the completeness of the obligations arising from its activities, notably by taxes.

Should the seller user receives a request for return or repentance right to demonstrate within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product by the buyer user, the seller user should accept the application for return and bear all costs involved in both, as provided in the Consumer Protection Law and in these Terms and conditions. Even after 7 days if the seller does not answer a complaint or mediation, as well as in the event of mediation come to be finalized to his disadvantage, the seller also will bear the cost of shipping the return.

08 - prohibited practices

These types of behavior can be sanctioned with the cancellation announcement, or to the suspension of your account as of ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business User, subject to the legal actions that may occur by setting the crimes or misdemeanors or civil damage it might cause to users buyers to ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business or third parties.

09 - Rape in the system or database

It is not allowed to use any device, software or other feature that will interfere in the activities and ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business Operations, as well as in advertisements, descriptions, accounts or your databases. Any interference, attempt or activity that violates or contradicts the laws of intellectual property rights and / or the prohibitions set forth in these terms of use, become responsible liable to the relevant legal actions and sanctions set forth herein and is responsible by compensation for any damage.

10 - Sanctions

Without prejudice to other appropriate measures, the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business may warn, suspend, temporarily or permanently, the account of a User, cancel your ads or apply a sanction which negatively impact on their reputation, at any time, initiating legal action appropriate and / or suspending the provision of services: a) the User fails to comply with any provision of these terms of use and too many ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business policies; b) not complying with their duties of User; c) practicing fraudulent or malicious acts; d) if it can not be verified the identity of the User, or if any information provided by it is incorrect; e) if the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Businesses understand that the ads or any User attitude did any harm to third parties or to own ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business or have the capability to do so. In the case of user account suspension, all active listings will be automatically canceled and the information that does not belong User has more Site use permission will be included next to the User name.

11 - Responsibilities

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is not responsible for defects or technical defects and / or operating system originating from the User or third parties.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is not the owner of the goods or provider of services advertised by its users on the Sites does not keep possession of those items and does not make sales offers, neither intervenes in the delivery of products.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is not responsible therefore for existence, quantity, quality, condition, integrity or legitimacy of the products offered, purchased or sold by Users, as well as the capacity to contract the users or the accuracy of the personal data they inserted in their entries. The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business does not grant guarantee for hidden or apparent defects in the negotiations between Users. Each User acknowledges and accepts to be solely responsible for the products or advertising the offers it makes.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business will not be responsible for the effective fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the user. The User acknowledges and agrees to hold talks with other Users or third parties do so at your own risk, recognizing the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business as a mere supplier of virtual space available services and advertise products and services offered by third parties.

In no event shall ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business will be responsible for lost profits or any other damage and / or damage that may suffer due to transactions made or not made through the site arising from the conduct of other users.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business recommends that all trading is done with caution and common sense. The User should mitigate the risks of trading, taking into consideration that may be possibly dealing with people making use of false identity.

In cases where one or more users or any third party initiate any claim or legal action against one or more users, each and every one of the users involved in the claim or disclaim any responsibility actions the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business and its directors, managers , employees, agents, workers, representatives and proxies, due also stipulated in clause 7. Users have a period of 90 days counted from the purchase, to start a claim against another (s) User (s). Once overcome this period, you can not initiate a complaint through the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business site.

12 - Range of services

These terms of use do not create any partnership agreement, term, franchise, or employment relationship between ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business and User. The User manifests aware that the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is not part of any negotiations between Members, nor has any control over the existence, quality, safety or legality of the products or services advertised by its users, about the veracity or accuracy of the elaborate ads by users and on the ability of users to negotiate. The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business can not ensure the success of any negotiations between users, either verify the identity or personal data of users.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business does not guarantee the accuracy of the third-party publication to appear on your site and will not be responsible for correspondence or contracts that the User performs with third.

13 - System crashes

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is not responsible for any damage, injury or loss suffered by the User due to failures on the Internet, the system or server used by the userArising from third-party conduits, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business will not be responsible for any virus that can attack the user equipment as a result of access, use or browsing the Internet or as a result of the transfer of data, files, images, text, video or audio.

14 - Rates and billing

Signing in ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is free. However, it will be charged a Notice of Rate to be paid to ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business at the time of the type of ad option, featured in ads for example.

You agree to pay the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business the values ​​corresponding to any service provided by ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business where there is an established rate.The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business reserves the right to modify, enhance or delete rates in effect at any time, subject to the provisions in clause 4 or for promotions and other transitional forms of change of prices. Such changes will not remain in force in the negotiations and announcements already started on the date when such changes are published. For them, the terms of use will be worth to the previous wording.

The ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business reserves the right to take judicial and extrajudicial measures appropriate to receive the amounts due.

15 - Intellectual Property and links

Commercial use of the phrase "ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business" as a trademark, trade name or domain name as well as the contents of the screens concerning the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business services as well as programs, databases, networks, files that allow the User access and use your account are the property of ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business and is protected by international laws and treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial designs. The misuse and total or partial reproduction of these contents are prohibited unless the prior and express written ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business.

The site may include links to other sites, does not mean that such sites owned or controlled by ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business. Having no control over the sites disclosed to third parties, ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is not responsible for their content, practices or products / services offered. The existence of links to other sites does not mean society relationship, supervision, complicity or solidarity ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business for with these sites and their contents.

User to the accept these terms, guarantees to hold, possess the proper authorization (s) of holder (s) of law (s) intellectual property or otherwise, can advertise on ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, offer products and / or services advertised or held official store of a certain brand, being solely responsible for the content of their publications.

The User takes full responsibility for any damage, direct and indirect, including damages, lost profits, attorney's fees and judicial and extrajudicial costs that ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business is obliged to incur as a result of act or omission of the User.

If ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business were to receive complaints or third party inquiries (eg trademark holders), the ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business may withdraw his (s)

 advertisement (s) and may also, at its discretion, apply appropriate sanctions.

16 - Indemnity

User shall indemnify ClassiBiz Classifieds & Business, directors, officers, employees, representatives and employees for any claim promoted by other Users or third parties arising from their activities on the Site or your breach of the terms of use and other ClassiBiz policies Classifieds & Business, or violation of any law or rights of third parties, including attorneys' fees.

17 - Settlement of disputes

Users can also search the consumer dispute resolution through servicewww.consumidor.gov.br, Maintained by the National Consumer Bureau (SENACON) of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, which is available for free to consumers across the country in order to prevent and reduce the amount of judicialized controversy.

20 - Applicable law and election Forum

All items of these "Terms and Conditions" general use are governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil. For all matters relating to the interpretation, compliance or any other question related to these terms of use, the parties agree to submit to the Court of the Rio de Janeiro-RJ City, except for claims by users who complying with the legal concept of consumers, who may submit such claims to the court of his domicile.

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